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So, That Woman's birthday came an went. Sent her somethin. Donno why I did. Ain't like I've been round there lately. Been keepin away from her. Keep hopin she'll go an find someone who'll be good ta her. someone who ain't me. I ain't no good for her at all. But whatever, if she got it, she got it. Don't really give a fuck what she does with um after.

Looks like shit's finally startin ta come down. Word's got out that I took over. Bunch of the heads are gettin together an I guess I gotta go an "pay my respects". Well, fuck that shit. They wanna see me, they can come find me. I ain't bowin to no one. Don't care if I'm the "new guy".

Also looks like the old man's second did make himself his own little gang. Started tryin ta take turf from me. Didn't work when I was in Specter. Ain't gonna work now. I ain't lettin none of it fall into that asshat's control.

Date: 2014-05-30 11:37 pm (UTC)
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You shouldn't need to bow to them, but I'd be wary about the other yakuza heads. It wouldn't be prudent to anger them, when you can make them allies or at least, neutral figures against you.


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