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the journal of Akutsu Jin

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Name:Akutsu Jin
Birthdate:Apr 2
this is a character journal not one of a real person. And even so...the character is not a pleasent guy. Don't like he would say, Shut the fuck up and go be emo elsewhere.

My name. It's Akutsu Jin. No. I didn't change my name when mom remarried. Not wearing some stupid fucktard's name. Yeah, the barsard makes her happy and that's great and shit, but I don't wanna be around to see their newly wed love crap. Enough to make a guy sick. So I packed my shit up and decided to try that college thing.

Had to get my high school diploma first though. Dropped out. Waste of my damn time. Mom needed the help at the resturaunt and I couldn't stand those bastards at school a second longer. And I was bored. Rather be out doing shit then stuck reading books bout things I don't give a crap about anyway.

But yeah...trying this college thing. Got a part time job working nights as some bar somewhere. Get to beat dumbasses in the face for a bit of cash. And I'm trying to do the general shit before I declare a major. Maybe business, so I can run mom's resturaunt and let her retire with the bastard. But who knows... it's just the start of college after all.
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