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I...gotta go home. Something ma ain't setting right with me. I gotta go. Jime. Babe. I'll see ya before I go.

That guy

Mar. 2nd, 2010 04:19 pm
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I saw that guy in town today. Saw his daughter too. Don't know what the fuck came over me but I followed them. Guess the fucker is some real hot shot stock seller or something. Guess his girl is going so one really nice private college somewhere. Guess the fucker's got himself a wife and shit. I wanna punch him hard.

[ooc: the guy Jin is talking about is his father, who he has never met]
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Seems like some jackass is doin some sorta reunion. I think that shit is fucking retarded. I didn't like them bastards much when I was in school with them. Why would I wanna see those dumbshits now? So I ain't goin. I'm gonna just chill and maybe catch up on some stuff I gotta go take care of in town.
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Fuck you. I ain't doing none of your fucking reindeer games for this or any other so called goddamn holiday. You can suck my cock!

Oi...Babe...let's blow this fucking popcicle stand and do something that ain't fucking annoying as fuck.
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Back. See, fuckers. I'm sticking with this education shit. I'm gonna do this shit if it kills me.

Oi. Babe. I'll be by after I move my shit in. Yer in the same dorm as I am.
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... I know what I gotta do fer Christmas. Usually I say fuck that sentimental shit and don't do nothing. Don't give a damn about stockings or presents or that mistletoe crap. But this year, I guess I gotta try to put some effort into it. Aint' saying why or nothing. Ain't no one's damn business why.

But seems I gotta make me some cash real quick like. Busting heads just ain't gonna do it in time. And I gotta do it 'for the Holiday. Means the fucking want adds. Cept there ain't shit I can do listed. Only thing I see his Holiday posting for mall Santas. There ain't no way in hell I'm dressing up like some fat perverted bastard and letting little brats sit on me and tell me that the hell they want.

I guess I gotta keep lookin. I'll find something.
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Fuck....FUUUUUCK... Fucking goddamned holidays. Fuck...

Shit. I'm so totally fucked like I've never been fucked before. I'm in a world of shit...

I...gotta...figure out...what the fuck 'Jime likes. I gotta get him something for Christmas. Okay...I guess I don't gotta. I wanna. I wanna give something to 'Jime... But I'm fucked as to what the hell to give him. I don't know what sort of shit he wants. And I aint' about to take him to the mall to see the fat fuck in the red suit. Jime's too old for that shit and the fat man could be a pervert and touch what ain't his to touch. Besides, then I'd have to beat the fatass to find out what Jime told him. And beating up mall Santas really ain't my style.

There's gotta be a way...

Damn it.


Nov. 17th, 2009 04:45 pm
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this is a lod of crap
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Shit...I...I think... I think I...Jime and I...shit...Niou...I gotta talk ta..someone...fuck it all...

(ooc: Akutsu's a little slow in realizing that yes...he DID agree to be exclusive with Mizuki)

well, damn

Oct. 5th, 2009 06:58 pm
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Bitch is fucking with my head. I just know it. She went from being all hot and wanting me to avoiding me like hell. She playing hard to det or something. Hate that shit. Don't like fucking games. She keeps this up and I ain't never gonna bang her. Head games is a real fucking turn off.

An talking about turn offs, the old geezer that I went to fer a job ain't been looking real well lately. Don't know what the hell is wrong with him. But he don't look good at all. Fucking geezer better not fucking die for I get my paycheck signed.
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Why the fuck did I decide to fucking go probably cause it was Jime... and I...well, it was Jime.... I went to the damned art museum and last fucking time I am. No smokin... No talkin loud...Everyone thinking I'm out ta fucking seal somethin...or break somethin. It's shit.

And what the fuck! There was this fucking painting...It was a huge ass red dot in the middle of a fucking white canvas or whatever the fuck Mizuki called it. They called it art. Probably cost a fuck ton of money...and I can do that shit. Dumbasses.
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look at the icon...that is all. Fucking piled up to my damned eyeballs. The hell. Fucking fucker. Fuck you. That is all

private to me and to Mizuki I guess...maybe Niou too )

(ooc: Jin's not happy with the pile of homework)
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... that was interesitng. Got drunk as fuck with a dumbass. Probably said some shit I shouldn't have said. Whatever. Don't really matter. what matters is that people are back who are supposed to be back and that's good enough. Heard there's some dude playing hackey out there...maybe I'll go watch.


Aug. 23rd, 2009 10:27 pm
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That is all.


Aug. 8th, 2009 04:59 pm
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Finally fucking home...and I just gotta say one fucking thing right now to a certain someone that I sorta helped out with for I went... Never fucking happened. Just forget the whole damn thing and be done with it.

Also... old geezer. I thought about it. I'm gonna talk ta yer pop bout a job...

And one more thing... The couch babe, ya better move the hell over.
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Since it's fucking break, I'm gonna fuck off home fer a bit. See the old lady. Gonna talk to a geezer about a job. Looks like something I might be able ta do. And I think I fucking saw something today. There's something I gotta ask the hag. Don't really wanna, but I think I gotta...cause it'll explain some shit...


Jul. 21st, 2009 09:01 pm
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I'm thinking of quittin my damn job. I'm getting shit hours and break is happen eventually and I guess I'll go back home or somethin for it. Cause I ain't been back in a while. An the fucktard who owns the place ain't just gonna let me go fer a few weeks. Whatever. not like tht's the only place that'll hire me. There's other clubs and shit that need bouncers that know what the fuck their doin. I'll haveta check my cash flow first though. Cause I gotta still pay fer next year's school. Look inta better jobs and shit.

Gonna haveta call the hag and let her know I'll be by fer break. And there's a coupla someones that can come by if they want.
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I wish everyone will leave me the fuck alone.
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